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We offer premium solution for domestic water storage with GRP/SMC two-piece water tanks. Capacity is ranging from 1000 liters up to 6000 liters. Conventionally used PVC / Plastic and RCC water tanks are not good for drinking water storage and are banned for it in many western and developed countries. ERATOZ domestic GRP water tanks are best solution for drinking water storage as it has best anti-algae and anti-microbes properties. Moreover, our domestic GRP tanks offer excellent thermal insulation so that the water stays normal during hot Indian summers. Along with this, our domestic GRP tanks are most durable and can last more than 50 years. Hence, ERATOZ domestic GRP water tank is a lifetime “fit n forget” solution for drinking ¬water¬ storage.

Advantages of Grp Water Tanks over Cheap Plastic/PVC Water Tanks:


In most developed countries, drinking water storage is permitted /permitted only in GRP Water Tanks, stainless steel tanks and other NSF certified material tanks.
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In most developed countries, PVC/Plastic tanks are banned to be used for drinking water storage. In many developed Countries, Plastic/PVC tanks are only used to store waste water and other commercial water storage.
GRP Water Tank Manufacturer in India


ERATOZ GRP Water Tanks are best solution for drinking water storage, as there are no algae, fungus or any microorganism’s growth inside the tank.
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Plastic / PVC water tanks get extreme algae, fungus and other microorganism’s growth inside the tank and so it is highly not recommended for drinking water storage.
GRP Water Tank Supplier in India


ERATOZ GRP Water Tanks are very smooth glossy finish from inside and outside, and so it is very easy to clean just by spraying water.
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PVC/Plastic tanks are rough surface and needs lot of efforts, expenses and time to Clean them.
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ERATOZ GRP Water Tanks are considered most elegant looking and pleasing to eyes. Our tanks add to the beauty of place wherever they are installed. Many architects and designers prefer our tanks for the high aesthetic value they add to the places
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Plastic/PVC tanks look very unpleasant and get even worse after sometime when dust and atmosphere dulls their surface
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ERATOZ GRP Water Tanks are made of very strong GRP/ SMC Material with up to 5 times more thickness. Our tanks are meant for heavy duty use. Our tanks don’t get cracked/ damaged by stray animals or even usual hailstorms or bad weather conditions.
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Plastic/ PVC Tanks are easily cracked and broken by stray animals like monkeys, dogs, etc. and also get completely destroyed if there are hailstorms or bad Weather.
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ERATOZ GRP Water Tanks provide excellent heat insulation to the water inside. The water inside stays cooler in warm weather and normal in extreme cold weather.
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PVC/Plastic Tanks are made from very Thin material and the water get extremely hot in hot weather conditions.
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ERATOZ GRP Water Tanks are made from UV proof resins and so our tanks can withstand strong heat from direct sunlight without losing the strength and maintain its gloss, colour and beauty for decades.
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PVC / Plastic tanks usually get dull and start losing their strength due to prolonged exposure to sun
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ERATOZ Two-piece / Modular GRP Water Tanks can be more easily transported, especially when several tanks are to be supplied at once. ERATOZ GRP Water Tank panels can be disassembled andStacked on each other this takes much less space than regular plastic water tanks.
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Plastic tanks are limited in size and if you need to transport more than one it becomes an issue as you are basically Transporting air. If several tanks are required then transportation becomes Costly.
Fire Safety Water Tank

1000 Litres Tank

GRP Water Tank
GRP Water Tank Manufacturter
GRP Water Tank Supplier
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2000 Litres Tank

GRP Water Tank Manufacturer in India
GRP Water Tank Supplier in India
GRP Water Tank Exporter in India
Fire Safety Water Tank

3000 Litres Tank

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Fire Safety Water Tank Supplier in India

4000 Litres Tank

domestic capity 4000
domestic capity 12
Zincalume Water Tank
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5000 Litres Tank

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6000 Litres Tank

GRP Panel Tank
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Excellent Heat Insulation:

Insulated panel with 4 layers structured & using Eco-friendly Polyurethane heat insulating material ensure excellent insulating effect.

Easy to clean & Excellent hygienic:

Because of wide manhole, it is easy to clean inside of water tank & it has excellent hygienic & water tightness.

Excellent durability:

It secures excellent surface strength & durability as using high-temperature &high pressurepress machine (2500 Ton).

Competitive Price:

Excellent price competitiveness & High quality Water tank with no tie-rod type

Easy & quick to install:

It is easy and quick to install with easy assembly of upper & lower panels

Structure of Non Skid base:

Excellent Earthquake - resistant without concrete frame & skid base.
Domestic GRP Water tanks
Domestic GRP Water tanks Manufacturer
Domestic GRP Water tanks Supplier
Domestic GRP Water tanks Exporter
Domestic GRP Water tanks in India
Domestic GRP Water tanks Manufacturer in India
Domestic GRP Water tanks Supplier in India
Domestic GRP Water tanks Exporter in India
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